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CEEMC 2021 Online

CEEMC 2021 Photo

The covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic brought the world to a halt in 2020, including the CEEMC. Despite the pandemic continuing into 2021, we were able to organize the CEEMC 2021 online.

The moot question this year required teams to deal with a number of tricky issues concerning EU public procurement law.

Congratulations to everyone who completed, especially the winners, who formed a combined team from two Universities Tbilisi State University and the Free University of Tbilisi. The other finalists, from the University of Ljubljana, also performed fantastically.

Sára Tichá (Charles University Prague) and Nino Sakvarelidze (Tbilisi State University) won best speaker prizes and were invited to undertake internships at the CJEU. Judge Jan Passer kindly invited both of the best speakers to his Cabinet and introduced them to life at the judicial heart of EU law!