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organisers, sponsors & supporters

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance law firm (through its Warsaw office) has been the CEEMC’s main sponsor since 1995.

Many CEEMC mooters have undertaken internships or begun working at the firm, with some even becoming partners.

British Law Centre logo

The British Law Centre (“BLC”) has organised the CEEMC since it first began in 1995.

Aside from visiting Cambridge University and London, the CEEMC winners receive free-of-charge places on the BLC’s 1-year Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (“DELLS”).

Charles University Sponsor logo

Each year, the CEEMC is organised in co-operation with local hosts at the moot venue. In 2024, our co-organiser is Charles University, Prague.

The Honourable Society of The Inner Temple

Inner Temple is one of the four Inns of Court, which play a central role in educating and  training barristers. 

Inner Temple is a long-term supporter and sponsor of the CEEMC.

The CEEMC’s winners visit the Inner Temple during their visit to the UK. 

Senior members of the Inner Temple regularly sit on the CEEMC Judicial Panel.

The European Investment Bank (“EIB”) has been a sponsor of the CEEMC since 2019.

The EIB’s sponsorship helps to subsidise the costs of teams participating in the competition.

EIB delegates have joined the CEEMC’s Judicial Panel .

Centre for European Legal Studies

The CEEMC has always had a strong link with the Centre for European Legal Studies (“CELS”) of the Law Faculty, University of Cambridge. 

A number of former CELS Directors have provided significant support to the CEEMC, including: Prof W. R. Cornish, Prof. Catherine Barnard, Dr Nathalie Prouvez and Dr Angela Ward, plus the Faculty’s former chairman (Dean) Prof. Richard Fentiman 

University of Cambridge Faculty of Law

The BLC and CEEMC enjoy strong links with the Faculty of Law of Cambridge University. 

Each year the CEEMC winners prize includes a visit to the Law Faculty and a visit to the Courts of Justice in London.

Faculty Members regularly join the CEEMC”s Judicial Panel and manage the British Law Centre.

European Union

The CEEMC regularly collaborates with members of the EU’s various institutions. 

We are fortunate that the CEEMC’s President has always been a member or former member of the Court of Justice (Lord Slynn of Hadley, AG Fennelly and AG Sharpston). 

The CEEMC Judicial Panel regularly includes current members of the CJEU and EU General Court, plus the EFTA Surveillance Authority. 

The CEEMC’s Best Speaker is offered an internship at the CJEU