Best Speaker Report 2017

My CJEU Internship in Luxembourg was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had in my student life. lux1

It is worth mentioning that before arriving to Luxembourg I had already completed an internship in the Ukrainian national court, where I was often overloaded with rather technical work. Thus, there were some prejudices as to the expected range of duties I would perform at the CJEU. However, my CJEU experience was absolutely unique in terms of the scope of responsibilities I enjoyed while working with sheer EU enthusiasts in the Cabinet of Judge Arabadjiev. The referendaries of my Cabinet made everything possible for me to try every type of activities from the Court`s daily routine during just one week:

1) I was working on the preliminary reports – the main workload of the Court;

2) I was researching one of the questions sent by the national authority for the Court`s preliminary ruling. Since the referendaries had inquired beforehand about my topic of interest, I was lucky to work within preferred area of law;

3) I studied one of the most recent judgments of the Grand Chamber to present the brief overview of the case before my Cabinet at one of its weekly meetings;

4) I enjoyed networking at Chamber`s reception in connection with the appointment of new President of the Chamber;

5) I attended the hearings of the Court.

During some informal communication with my referendaries I asked whether they would leave their work at the Court for something else, but no one replied in positive. All of them were absolutely amazed with what they have been doing for years now. Moreover, the team was ready to keep on contributing even more, and that was truly inspiring!

At the end of my working day, I never missed an opportunity to stroll along the marvelous streets of Luxembourg. This city is also unique as it combines the old quarters and fortifications located at the confluence of two rivers and some astonishing futuristic sites, e.g. a European Quarter where the Court is situated.

Do not miss an opportunity to gain experience of how the major EU Institution is functioning in the very heart of Europe, the one and only Grand Duchy in the world. But first, enjoy your CEEMC adventure!